Pitched Turf/Sedum Roofs

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Green or living roofs deliver many benefits. The improve views and outlooks, decrease rainwater run-off and increase energy efficiency. They also give additional protection to the waterproofing layer.

More commonly, green roofs are installed on flat or shallow pitch roofs, but their installation on to pitched roofs is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. In many parts of Europe and Scandinavia, pitched green/turf roofs have been a tradition spanning many centuries.

Isola Platon membranes are used extensively in Scandinavia for pitched green roof construction and there is a range of membranes and ancilliary products designed specifically for this application.


Pitched Roofs - Design Considerations
  • What is the pitch of the roof?
  • Is the roof structure designed to accommodate the additional roof loading?

For pitched roofs over 23°, additional design constraints will apply and we recommend you speak to our Technical Department on 020 8310 3929 for further advice. Alternatively use our contact us form.

A typical turf roof will consist of approximately 150mm soil and turf which, when saturated, will give a loading between 150 - 250 kg/m2.

The additional loading requirement for a pitched green or turf roof can be allowed for in new construction. However if the green or turf roof is to be retrofitted, then it is strongly recommended that a structural engineer be consulted prior to any installation as additional structure strengthening may be required.

The Platon Xtra membrane system has been developed over many years of experience and is quick and clean to install.

Diagrams showing detailed instructions can be viewed/downloaded here however this diagram shows how easy it is to apply the membrane to a pitched roof:

Typical Platon Xtra installation detail to pitched green/turf roof.

Our Technical Department will be pleased to supply further general information or advise you on specific projects. We can also recommend specialist contractors. Please call 020 8310 3929 or use the contact us form.

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